We’re sorry to remind you…

We're sorry to remind you, the year is nearly over.

But if your financial year is aligned with the tax year, then your year-end is just under two months away. You will no doubt now be in the final sprint to the end of March. 

It can be a fraught time – counting down the days left to achieve the year’s targets, whilst at the same time, pulling together your plans for 2020/2021. 

If you’re home and dry with your numbers, fantastic! But if that year-end figure is proving to be rather elusive, now’s the time to take action. Here are some thoughts that may help ease the stress and prevent you from breaking that dry January pledge in a big way in February!  

Firstly, use any resources that you have at your fingertips 

Resources such as our previous blogs ‘Why your sales process sucks’  & ‘Dealing with moving goalposts’. They give advice and tips on getting your processes right and hitting those targets when you need it most. 

Now’s the time to have a really good look at your pipeline.  

 Be honest with yourself – have you let anything slip through the cracks? If so, you may find those elusive nuggets of sales opportunities are right in front of you. If the initial groundwork has already be done, there could be the chance of some quick wins. A bit of additional effort might be all it takes to push them across the line. It’s worth bearing in mind that many prospects will be working to the same financial timings and may have budgets they need to use before year-end or at least get a jump on next year while the financial planning is in full swing at this time of year.. 

Think about quick wins versus large wins.  

You need to carefully weigh up where you should be focusing your efforts, and the likelihood of deals dropping into place. On the one hand, smaller deals usually have faster completion times. But whilst you might be able to nail them down sooner, you’ll need more of them to fill a large gap in the figures. It might be one large deal is all you need. Great if it happens – but do you have the time to pay it the attention it needs and can the decision on it be made with enough speed to secure it before the end of March? There are no rights and wrongs; you need to look at your own opportunities and choose the route that you think has the most chance of delivering the revenues you need. 

Finally, is it worth bringing in some outside help?

We all like to think we can do things alone, but sometimes the right support can make all the difference when the pressure is really on. Whether it’s a specific skill you need to help you with a tricky prospect or some admin support to free up your time to focus on selling, take a frank look at your challenge areas, anything stopping you performing to the best of your ability, and ask for the help you need. 

What are your tips for a year-end boost to get you over the line? We’d love you to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Published: 04th February 2020.

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