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Business Development

You want the best return on investment from your marketing budget. You want to spend your money on the things that will really make a difference. We understand that. Let us show you how Intelligent Talk can be used strategically to drive your business forward. What is your priority for this year?

Customer acquisition
Customer retention
Lapsed client reactivation
Increase referrals
Growth in revenue

We are really good at thinking laterally about how 1-2-1 communication can be integrated into your ‘business as usual’ operation, to get results more efficiently or quickly than other marketing tools.

We are hugely results driven and aren’t in the business of blowing your budget on activity that just isn’t right. Talk to us about your business challenges and your key measures of success. We can design a bespoke business development campaign that will help you get to where you need to be.


You could get your sales people to make their own appointments, but we know this isn’t the best use of their time. Their value is in the face to face discussion, the negotiation and sealing the deal.

We can help to get your people in front of the right people, for more of the time. Our skills lie not only in setting appointments, but also using that first phone call to kick-start a relationship between the potential customer and your brand. This makes the job that bit easier for your sales people.

Because we get to know your business before we start, we can handle any initial objections or questions, in order to prepare the potential customer for the next step of the discussion.


If you’re expanding your business through a franchising or licensing model, or you need to identify new resellers in a particular region, then you have a very specific need to locate the right sort of partner to help take your business forward.

We will work with you to understand the type of investor, specialist or retailer that you want to attract and the geographical regions they need to come from. We’ll then go out and find them for you!

Using the phone to do this, instead of the usual online marketing channels, means that every lead you receive has been pre-qualified. This cuts out the time wasters and allows you to progress to the next stage of discussion with people that are genuinely interested in your business opportunity.


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