How to influence when not getting through to the Decision Maker

Influence the Influencer.

It’s an occupational hazard in sales. Stuck with a gatekeeper who, whatever approach you take, is determined not to let


Dealing with moving goal-posts.

If you work in sales management, you’ll live and breathe your team sales targets. Agreed at the start of the

Business Development, script to not sound like a robot

Your sales team sound like robots!

There’s nothing worse than taking a business call and realising very quickly that the person on the other end is

Why your sales process probably sucks!

We have to be honest; we come across a lot of companies whose sales process, not to put too fine

GDPR, legal imagery

GDPR, what is the relevance?

It is October 2019, almost a year and a half into GDPRs legislation release. We have had 14,000 data breaches

ROI, business, man with breifcase, service industry

How do you demonstrate ROI in the service industry?

Here in the UK, we are a service-based economy. According to the Office of National Statistics, it’s where over 70%

be the boss, beat the holiday slump, motivation

Motivation: How do you beat the post-holiday slump?

We’ve got some good news and some bad news The bad news is, summer is nearly over. We’ve had our

Marketing Consultancy using social media

Cambridge Analytica – Best marketing consultancy ever?

A year on how is the scandal around marketing consultany Cambridge Analytica affecting marketing and business relationships now, and in

Business Development

Telemarketing vs Business Development

What’s the difference again? Business Development. Telemarketing. They are similar, right? Well no! Although these days the terms seem to